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Johan Roos and Bart Victor created the “serious play” concept and process in the mid-1990s as way to enable managers to describe, create and challenge their views of their business. Dr. Roos is now President of Copenhagen Business School and Dr. Bart Victor is Cal Turner Professor of Moral Leadership at Vanderbilt University but when they created serious play they were both professors at IMD in Switzerland. The conceptual foundation of serious play combines ideas from constructivism (Piaget 1951), its subsequent version constructionism (Harel and Papert 1991), complex adaptive system theory (Holland 1995) and autopoietic corporate epistemology (von Krogh and Roos 1994; 1995) applied to the context of management and organizations.

The empirical foundation of the concept of serious play stems from Roos and Victor’s experiments with leadership teams in Tetra Pak, Hydro Aluminium and TFL and during an IMD program for the top 300 leaders in LEGO Company. They presented their early ideas in a short article published by IMD in 1998 entitled “In Search for Original Strategies: How About Some Serious Play?” and in the 1999 article “Towards Model of Strategy Making as Serious Play” published by European Management Journal. In 2004 the journal Long-Range Planning published their article “Playing Seriously with Strategy” (with Matt Statler), which serves as the foundation for the concept and practice of LEGO Serious Play.

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