LEGO has announced today the following:

As of May 1st 2010 LEGO has decided to allow everyone – including facilitators outside of our previous partner network – to use LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®. LEGO will no longer be sustaining a network of licensed partners offering LEGO SERIOUS PLAY and as a result LEGO SERIOUS PLAY can be obtained through a wide community of facilitators using the method as part of their toolbox.

As a client looking for an experienced LEGO SERIOUS PLAY facilitator to run a workshop or as a professional facilitator or consultant looking for training in order to apply LEGO SERIOUS PLAY to your toolbox, we encourage you to search the internet for LEGO SERIOUS PLAY facilitators within your country.

Groups of facilitators are currently in the process of setting up online community platforms. You will be able to find links to those communities on this site when they are established.

A description of the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® core method will be offered as open source to all facilitators, who wish to benefit from using the method. The description is currently under development and will be made public on this site later this year.

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  1. Marine BINGLER 14 years ago

    Good afternoon to you all,

    I’m unfortunately not a certified LSP facilitator but I’d like to apply LEGO SERIOUS PLAY to my toolbox.

    I would like to benefit frome using the method during a workshop, that’s why I’m interested in some exercises I could offer to my client.

    Does anyone have an experience to share, and some ideas or method to give?

    Your faithfully.

    Marine BINGLER

  2. Author
    Marko Rillo 14 years ago

    HI Marine,

    I posted the answer to your question here:


  3. Alfonso Trujillo Jr 14 years ago

    I have interest in LSP. How do I get a trainning course or a contact with a facilitator near Colombia? I`m a professor of international management in university of Tolima, and I`d like to work this matter for companies and universities in my country.


  4. Author
    Marko Rillo 14 years ago

    Hi Alfonso,

    Welcome to!

    You can try to contact Álvaro Delgado-Aparicio Labarthe from Peru, working in consulting firm Apoyo. His contacts are here:

    A little bit farther away from you is Lucio Margulis from Argentina. You can send him a private message via his profile link:

    If you should have any further questions then do not hesitate to post them in our forum:

    Good luck!

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