With the introduction of SERIOUS PLAY Open Source model – LEGO has somewhat changed its product portfolio and announced 4 product types that it is shipping worldwide for the SERIOUS PLAY applications. All are well familiar to facilitators. You may order the products via your selected facilitator or directly via Serious Play website.

Window Exploration Bag

LSP window bag pile

Lego Window Exploration Bag - art.2000409

These small bags come in a box that holds a collection of 100. One bag per participant. It is useful either for short “teaser” workshops or for introductory tasks – for skills building or for warm up.

Each bag includes:

  • Small selection of standard bricks.
  • Small selection of special elements and minifigure parts.
  • Small LEGO SERIOUS PLAY folder.

Starter Kit

LSP starter kit

Starter Kit - art. 2000414

Comes as one kit per participant. Can be used for warm up and some initial tasks for longer workshops or for problem solving tasks during well framed meetings.

Each kit includes:

  • Selection of standard LEGO bricks combined with a few DUPLO elements.
  • Selection of special elements such as wheels, tires, windows, trees, minifigure parts, sticks, globes and small base plates
  • Imaginopedia for Core Process.

Identity and Landscape Kit

LSP identity and landscape kit

Identity and Landscape Kit - art. 2000415

One kit per group of 10-12 participants. Can be used for full 1-3 days of group workshop that is aimed at building shared understanding of a new strategy, a complex problem, new identity or to brainstorm for out-of-box creative ideas.

Each kit includes:

  • Large special mix of LEGO bricks combined with DUPLO elements including animals.
  • Extensive selection of special elements such as wheels, tires, windows, trees, minifigure parts, sticks, globes, spiral tubes, ladders, fences and spider webs.
  • Large selection of base plates.
  • 3 grey plastic sorting trays.

Connections Kit

LSP connections kit

Connection Kit - art. 2000413

One kit per group of 10-12 participants. Can be used for follow-up of the full workshop that is aimed at building complex relationships between different actors at a business landscape and explore how the system as a whole responds to changes in environment.

Each kit includes:

  • Large selection of long LEGO bricks.
  • Extensive selection of connecting elements such as spiral tubes, ladders, fences, bridges and strings.
  • 10 identical bags containing bricks for the “pencil case” exercise.
  • 3 light grey plastic sorting trays.

PS. Images have been taken from www.seriousplay.com website.


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