Lego Fire Walk

Lego Fire Walk from Toy Kingdom

Looking for something to spice up your LEGO SERIOUS PLAY facilitation sessions? Do you have in mind something far worse than hot coals?

According to some reliable community sources that have collected more than 40 thousand storytellers who share their first hand personal experience on the matter, there is not a single more painful thing in the whole human experience than an unsuspecting and unprotected individual stepping barefoot on a single Lego brick that has been left unattended to a dark bedroom of a 5-year old.

What a better way to build your self-confidence, stamina and motivation than to let yourself be immersed into a stream of pain that has been scattered over a three-meter excruciating walkway.

If you try to introduce your workshop participants to a LEGO fire walk, but consult a health adviser first!

Many thanks to Erki Uustalu for a great link!

Alternative picture of a LEGO fire walk from Bull Moose’s South Portland store below. They set up a 12-foot-long carpet covered with sharp plastic Lego pieces. People who braved the treacherous path barefoot (no socks allowed) snatched the Lego movie DVD at the store for about $10, half the regular price of about $20.

Lego Fire Walk from Bull Moose DVD Shop

Lego Fire Walk from Bull Moose DVD Shop

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  1. […] from a floorboard or stepped on a stray Lego brick, for instance. (Brave souls can attempt a Lego Fire Walk. The challenge, which is a popular way of raising money for charity, is regarded as the plastic […]

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