Ty Montague True Story How to Combine Story and Action to Transform Your Business

Ty Montague True Story How to Combine Story and Action to Transform Your Business

I recently read a book about Storydoing written by Ty Montague. It was called “True Story: How to Combine Story and Action to Transform Your Business”. The book created the concept of storydoing and differentiated it from the regular marketing approach that primarily relies on storytelling – coming up with a story and labelling the product according to story. Montague kicks off with the example of Red Bull and shows how action-based leadership of Dietrich Mateschitz has demonstrated very well how a company that is able to come up with a metastory that completely defines the actions of one’s firm, is able to successfully continue pursuit of its customers’ attention.

The tool of Storydoing™ relies on six attributes that should be in place in a company that wants to engage its customers actively with its story:

  1. Having / creating a story
  2. Using the story to define ambition that is beyond commercial success, but helps to achieve something bigger
  3. Making sure that the story is understood and cared by everyone in the firm
  4. Making sure that the story is used to drive action throughout the firm
  5. Creating iconic, transformative actions that rely on the story where you focus on
  6. People outside your firm engage actively with your story and with your action.

Where Lego Serious Play comes in handy is in defining the story in a manner that helps to redefine and engage the entire organisation.

Storydoing is a trademark of co:collective

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