Serious Work How to Facilitate Meetings and Workshops with LEGO Serious Play Method

We just released a new book! It explores how to apply LEGO® Serious Play® method to practice. It is called: Serious Work. How to Facilitate Meetings & Workshops Using the LEGO® Serious Play® method.

The journey of the book started a year ago at Billund conference in 2015 where Sean Blair and I started discussing lack of writing about how to carry out workshops with LEGO Serious Play methodology. While current case studies at SeriousPlayPro provide some snippets of what happens at different workshops, there was no single source that would tell the full story of the basics. This is what brought our interest together.

Highlights of the book:

  • Participatory Leadership. Be a Participatory Leader with LEGO® Serious Play®. Why would you not want peoples best ideas?
  • Covers Five Applications. Detailed plans for: Goal Setting, Idea Generation, Team Building, Team Vision, Values & Behaviours.
  • Eleven Co-Authors. Practical advice, tips and stories from 11 professional facilitators from around the world.
  • For Professionals Who Meet. For executives, consultants, managers, designers and leaders of all types of meeting.
  • Develop Serious Skills. Understand the skills unique to LEGO® Serious Play® and how to develop them.
  • Latest LEGO® Serious Play® Thinking. With new models and concepts to help you learn the skills you need (not the ones you don’t)

The book is a summary of many years of practical experience and real life testing. It introduces five most used application techniques and provides hands-on practical road-maps on learning about LEGO® Serious Play® method and applying it to your own practice.


You can download the free 86 page preview, and purchase the book directly via or Amazon UK.


We have created a specific community website at Serious.Global, which includes resources that the readers of the book may download and use in their future sessions. During the coming weeks Sean and I will be posting some snippets of the book for the members of the SeriousPlayPro.


A review of Serious Work on Amazon

By Tamara Christensen on December 22, 2016

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

I am a certified facilitator of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® materials and methodology, and have used the this approach for over 3 years. Until now I have relied on my training materials, one book and other open source materials as references to keep me inspired. It’s fantastic to have such a complete and thorough resource guide in full color with plenty of examples, photos and clear instructions. I ordered the digital version of Serious Work back in November and liked it so much I decided to purchase a print copy, too. I have to say, it’s beautiful and fantastic! It’s so satisfying to have the print version to hold in my hands. This is an amazing piece of (serious) work. I highly recommend this book to anyone curious about the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® materials and methodology and those who are certified facilitators looking for a valuable resource guide.
  1. Nick Lekuona 8 years ago

    Looks great but seems like it is not available outside the US and UK… and no Kindle version ?? Is there a reason for that? Bummer…

  2. Nick Lekuona 8 years ago

    Ahem, I just realised I can buy direct instead of going through through Amazon, and there are digital options in PDF and ePub formats. Getting mine straight away! :-)

  3. @SeanBlair 8 years ago

    Thanks Nick – you can get an ePub or PDF here Kindle. The books is VERY visual and does not lend itself to being read on a Kindle. But it looks brilliant as an ePub!

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