Stephen Dann published in Australasian Marketing Journal a paper documenting his experience, reflection and results on using LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodology for co-creation at universities. The abstract of this paper is below:

Lego Serious Play was founded within the Lego Corporation in the mid-90s as a response to an unusual problem why a company that sold creativity by the kilo was struggling for market share, profit and new thinking. Built from the ground up as a make-or-break proposition, the LSP process is an industry strength business solution designed to create conducive conditions for problem recognition, knowledge creation, and shared understanding. Based on these condition, and the 2010 open source licence of the protocol, this paper outlines the Lego Serious Play process, the history and origin of the method, and the seven principles underpinning its operation. The paper then outlines the adaptation of the LSP method from industry to academy, to showcase how to bring the technique into the classroom. Educators can use the step by step guide to construct a classroom activity that draws on Lego Serious Play to further promote key graduate outcomes of communication, creativity and shared understanding.

You may access the full text (PDF) via Australasian Marketing Journal Elsevier website:

Dann, Stephen (2018) Facilitating co-creation experience in the classroom with Lego Serious Play. Australasian Marketing Journal. Volume 26, Issue 2, May 2018, Pages 121-131.

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  1. Stephen Dann 6 years ago

    If you’re not on connected through a university, try – should be good until August 19, 2018

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