Strategic Play: The Creative Facilitator’s Guide by Jacqueline Lloyd Smith and Denise Meyerson

Congratulations to our community members Jacquie and Denise. Their new and interesting book Strategic Play: The Creative Facilitator’s Guide is now available for order via Amazon.

Introduction from the book publishers.
Jacqueline Lloyd Smith and Denise Meyerson collectively have over 50 years’ global experience in the design and delivery of incredible learning experiences for clients in the private and public sectors. They have partnered with top tier, medium size, and small corporate clients to produce events that rock. They are now opening their files to other facilitators, and educators—of all levels—to share tools and techniques they have personally tested and used.

They are generously allowing you to benefit from their years of experience in the training, facilitation, and design space so you too are able to prepare, structure, and implement teachable moments, workshops, events, training days, learning experiences, offsites, and seminars that have a strong impact—and are memorable. Dip into this essential guide after you have been briefed by the executive team, managers, or human resource professionals and you are required to deliver a face-to-face session for anything between 1 and 100 hours. Play with these practical, user-friendly techniques to help your participants feel engaged and energized, so they will remember the key messages long after the event. Redesign and restructure the tools to suit your audience and the topic so the session remains vibrant and focused. Create experiences for any topic, whether for technical, personal, or professional development purposes.

Not only do you have access to great openers and closers to activate thinking, we also provide you with a roadmap and overall layout so you have examples of how to structure your sessions.

Meet the Authors – Jacqueline Lloyd Smith and Dr. Denise Meyerson met in Billund, Denmark in 2007, while both were licensed partners for the LEGO® Systems Group. They were both appointed to the Play4Business LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™ Training Board in 2010 and are Master Trainers in the methods of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™. Jacquie and Denise were early adopters and leaders in bringing LSP to Canada and Australia. Jacquie continues to serve the Americas, based out of British Columbia, Canada. She is the principal for Strategic Play® Group Limited. Denise continues to serve Oceania, based out of Queensland, Australia. She is the principal for Management Consulting International (MCI).

  1. @SeanBlair 9 years ago

    Thanks for the information Marko, I’m greatly looking forward to getting a copy! Just a thought – would it be good to also add an Amazon affiliate link to the UK branch of Amazon? (Ditto the Lego kits which direct me to the US Lego Store) – Kindly Sean

  2. Author
    Marko Rillo 9 years ago

    Hi Sean! Good idea, I created UK astore with the books included! Here it is

    The same for bricks. It looks like some LEGO bricks can be bought via Amazon UK, but Serious Play starter kit does not appear to be available via their stock:

  3. BABU R 6 years ago

    Marko, can i get a book for me in India, I request your directions, thanks

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