How to find an effective tool to explore a company’s new vision, collect different point of view about it and create a powerful internal communication initiative for more than 200 people? The answer is: design a LSP workshop! Here’s how the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY facilitators of Trivioquadrivio addressed this need.

SDA Bocconi, Italian leading Management Business School, has decided to put Trivioquadrivio in charge of an internal communication initiative connected with their end of year party. Starting from SDA Bocconi’s vision, “Empowering lives through knowledge and imagination”, the aim of the initiative was to help those who work for the school, day after day, in finding their personal interpretation of these words.

The interpretation turned into representation: about two hundred SDA staff members took part in short Lego Serious Play workshops, aimed at discovering what role knowledge and imagination have at SDA Bocconi today. Each participant had the opportunity to build her own take on SDA Bocconi’s vision with Lego bricks. That’s why the initiative was called “Build Your Vision”.


BUILD YOUR VISION – Dario Villa – Trivioquadrivio

Once again, the Lego Serious Play methodology was invaluable, proving that companies manage to get a better knowledge and understanding of themselves when they try to portray themselves in a tangible way. All the workshops were conducted, filmed and photographed by Trivioquadrivio’s Lego Serious Play Unit.
The audio-visual and iconographic materials were used to create 12 multimedia installations on the completed workshops, to hold a memory of the images and emotions of this innovative internal communication initiative.


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