• Trivioquadrivio designed and held a series of facilitation workshops aimed at managers of a large mass retail multinational corporation. LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology has been used to kickstart discussions and t

  • Trivioquadrivio recently held a Lego® Serious Play® session for the Italian branch of a leading international publisher in science and medicine. The workshop was targeted at 30 people belonging to two different bu

  • The Training Centre of one of the largest Italian insurance companies sought the cooperation of TQ for designing and delivering a training day aimed at sixty administrative inspectors of the Group. The session w


    How to find an effective tool to explore a company’s new vision, collect different point of view about it and create a powerful internal communication initiative for more than 200 people? The answer is:

  • ThumbnailWhen critical issues are physically acted out using our own hands, our mind is much better able to deal with them. Precisely for this reason one of our clients in the bank industry has chosen to open the

  • Hello everybody, for the Italian residents (and speakers…), Trivioquadrivio – LSP certified partner since 2003, with a significant LSP experience in all business industries and awarded as “Partner of the Year”