• I’ve been procrastinating about this post for a while because talking about disability seems to be a politically correct minefield with its own vocabulary. I am disabled myself; I call it a handicap because for m

  • Andy, my group was 10 people. I think that’s about an ideal size and if you have more, I’d split them into groups so that you don’t have to wait too long to hear all the stories.

    My friend does this activity

  • Thank you Dieter. Please keep me posted if you do! I’m always amazed at what people can build and sometimes people use the bricks in a way that never occurred to me.

  • Today I had a group session to facilitate at a client. Discussions are sometimes tense and is it often difficult for the participants to share openly. Discussions are guarded and brainstorming sessions have

  • Experimenting with Lego Serious Play for distance coaching
    I’d like to share an experiment, using the Lego Serious Play method for distance coaching.
    I was certified as a Lego serious play facilitator a

  • Dean,

    Thank you for your comment. Something I thought you had said (but haven’t upon reredaing your message) sparked some further thoughts.

    I remember being told that in graphic facilitation, if you draw

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    The other day, my son came home from primary school with his achievements. When he does well, the teacher gives him a smiley and if he has done really well (some kind of over-achievement), he gets a smiley

  • Lego Serious Play Experience at Airbus I have had a number of people ask me how I deployed LSP at Airbus so I thought I would share how I came to LSP, what I have done and what worked and

  • The challenge

    Yesterday I experimented something new. I was lined-up to co-facilitate an organizational  workshop using paper and Post-it when the facilitators organizing it came up to me the day before saying