Today many organizations are rolling out and implementing their 2020 visions and missions. They all have their 2020 strategy ready and it’s all well written down in nice documents and many powerpoints. The processes and roadmaps are layed out. Management knows which KPI’s are defined, team reorganisations are decided upon etc. Sounds familiar?


But what about the human aspect, what about the cultural change that this entails for the employees? How well are they informed or prepared? How well are they equiped to start this new journey? Do they feel confident they will be able to live up to these expectations? Is there an internal competition or a rat race going on?

A very good way to lead-in this cultural change in your organization is through the Lego© Serious Play© method. This method will help your organization in creating awareness and understanding of the new proceses and roadmap. It will help employees build trust and selfconfidence individually and in teams.


How will a Lego© Serious Play© workshop work?
Start by framing the context and purpose of the event and point all noses in the same direction. Explain clearly what is going to happen, why and when. Explain what is expected or what the outcome should or could look like at the end of the workshop. Don’t kill the employees with tedious powerpoint presentations but let them dive into the bricks.


Bring out their inner creativity and let their hands and brain reconnect. They’ll love it! They will all build, share and explain the stories of their models.


Besides the fact that it is a great teambuilding experience, using Lego© Serious Play©  helps create a common language and understanding in the team.


As a result, teams will come out of these kinds of workshops with more energy, more confident, more cohesive and with a smile on their face. Because they had fun, fun, fun!!


This is exactly what happened at Roularta Business Information, where I had the pleasure to facilitate another Lego© Serious Play© workshop  for the with Marc Sonnaert and Christian Thijsmans and a happy General Manager.


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