• The following post has been written by Claudia Qwynn in Spanish language. If somebody would like to translate it to English then please let us know.

    Por intermedio de estos Talleres hemos abierto un espacio

  • ThumbnailSince the beginning of this year we started working with students from the Faculty of Engineering at a Chilean university, the purpose is to develop their entrepreneurial and innovative capacity by connecting them

  • ThumbnailBelow a Lego Serious Play practitioner from Chile – Claudia Gwynn of Llava Creativa elaborates a facilitation methodology. The full text of the White Paper, which was published in Spanish language on Neuronilla

  • Claudia Gwynn posted a new activity comment 9 years, 8 months ago

    Marko, how can I send the technique with Lego bricks
    Thank you, Claudia

  • Hi Marko, thank you very much for accepted my request
    I really like the site and your contributions
    My expertise is in creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and education
    I work with children, university students, teachers and executives and LSP is one of the tools that I apply
    In November’ll do the first workshop of LPS in Chile with a…[Read more]