Serious Play com website closed

Old website is now closed

Lego has created its new website for Lego Serious Play at Today they also pulled the plug from the old website. When you type in its address to the URL then it simply redirects you to the new Serious Play section on the Lego homepage.

If you feel nostalgic then not to worry. A great resource called Internet Archive – Way Back Machine helps you to go to history and has kept the image of the website as of 20 October 2014 in their wonderful database.

  1. Massimo Mercuri 9 years ago

    Quite a move in regards of the image/positioning of LSP within the LEGO and market in general. I am sure there is be a good reason behind … we can explore the collateral marketing benefits, resulting from this move.
    What do you feel this new virtual location means for LSP?

  2. Author
    Marko Rillo 9 years ago

    @massimo – you pose an interesting question. I think that one of the reasons behind the move is that Serious Play for businesses has so far been sitting at the periphery of Lego activities. That has kept our community rather separate as well.

    Branding it the same way and bringing it to the very heart of website and linking its products to online shop seems like a gradual process. In essence I guess that the Lego Serious Play community might evolve the same way as Lego Education or Lego Mindstorms communities or the other “special groups” such as LUG (Lego User Groups). We’ll see what next. :)

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