In our Strategic Playroom we use LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™  methodology and other creative tools like design thinking and systematic problem solving in our tool kit.  These internationally-renowned, facilitated methods are used to engage participants to generate their own customized innovative ideas for organizational improvements. The methodology is based on extensive research in the fields of Business, Education, and Psychology.

Lego Serious Play at Lloyd Smith Solutions

If you are interested in this unique tool, you can become certified by us to use and offer this tool to your internal or external clients. We can train and certify facilitators, trainers, educators, and HR professionals in our own Strategic Playroom Fundamentals including LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™ tools and methodology. You can use this tool to create your own customized applications to meet the needs of your clients. This tool works like no other in the effective way that it engages participants to create solutions where they can gain confidence and make commitments.

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2015 training schedule: March 31, April 01, April 02, 2015

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Flipchart at Lloyd Smith Solutions

All of our training programs have a basis in the Instructor-Led Participant-Centered instructional model. People learn best when their stress levels are low and they are playing with concepts and ideas in an environment that supports innovation and fun.

When we use this formula people are more engaged. They are open to new ideas, allowing them to absorb and retain information. And then they are able to integrate and apply what they have learned. We use numerous techniques to meet all learning styles.

We model the tools that we teach – so you will experience first hand what it’s like to be both a participant and a facilitator.

Groupwork at Lloyd Smith Solutions

A good session starts by creating an experience that allows participants to become engaged. You know your workshop is going to have an impact when participants are more aware and gain insight and integrate knowledge faster.

When facilitators accomplish this level of competency they can feel confident that their sessions will provide a good return on the employer’s investment.

Lego Work at Lloyd Smith Solutions

We have been offering LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™ workshops to clients throughout North America for many years. Since 2007, we have offered specialized training to license and certify in-house facilitators to use LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™ in their organizations.

In 2009, Jacqueline Lloyd Smith was invited to sit on the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™ training board. She became one of four people globally trained by the LEGO group to offer LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™ training.

We teach you how to get 100% engagement using hands-on interactive tools that can be modified to meet the unique needs of your clients.

You will learn the basics of great facilitation, how to create a playful environment and how to customize and deliver a workshop that has long lasting impact.

We know that most people learn visually and through doing- this tool takes advantage of all learning and communication styles creating memorable and powerful workshop experiences.

Serious Play at Lloyd Smith Solutions

Learn how to structure your sessions and deliver your workshops with impact that builds confidence and adds to the overall competency base for your client or organization. Using this formula will help you become a facilitator who is in demand.

Small class sizes allow for unique learning experiences that help prepare you to start offering this tool within your tool kit immediately.

 What do people think of the training?

Flipchart Work at Lloyd Smith Solutions
”Valuable, a starting point with a solid foundation. This is another competent tool for the tool kit. The level of personal care and attention to the quality and aesthetics of the training experience were exceptional. More than just a wise investment, you will find this to be an enjoyable one.”
-Phil Culhane, ON, Canada

“The training in STRATEGICPLAY™ using LEGO® Serious Play™ methods and techniques has made it possible to construct the types of 3D models of complex systems that my clients require to accelerate innovation.”
-Christopher Comeau, ON, Canada

“Very useful tool and process that is versatile and can be integrated into any existing tool kit.”
-Lise Clement, ON, Canada

“I have learned so much from this training not just about LEGO??? Serious Play™, but also about how to be a better facilitator.”
-Anibal Viegas-San Paulo, Brazil

“The training in STRATEGICPLAY™ using LEGO??? Serious Play™ methods is a seriously powerful tool. Following this training, I have the basis to add to my training, coaching and facilitation tool kit.”
-Andree Ulrich-QUE, Canada

“I had been looking for a long long time for a tool to bridge the worlds of play and business together. Through The STRATEGICPLAY™ training using the LEGO© SERIOUS PLAY™ methodology and materials, I finally found what I was looking for. The training provided a hands-on approach to learning the ins and outs of the LSP methodology and how to apply it into several organizational and strategic development contexts. Kudos to Lloyd Smith Solutions for making LSP accessible and useful…Let the play and fun begin.”
-Diego Uribe, Santiago, Chile

“Correct training!! I have learned dynamic new skills to apply to my coaching and facilitation practice. I’ve learned the principle of using LEGO® SERIOUSPLAY™ methods and methodologies so I can customize exercises to fit the needs of my clients.”
-Alara T. Bears,-Ohio, USA

“The course was chock-full of great tools and information and the experience was rich. The potential is huge. It was “Hard Fun.”
-Robin Sather, British Columbia, Canada

“I came to this training believing LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® was brilliant.
Now I also see it is powerful, incisive, and flexible. Jacquie did a great job blending our experience of LSP and talking about the methodology. And the Strategic Play Community is warm, welcoming, and helpful. This was three days well spent”
-Talia Dashow, Califonia, USA

“Strategic Play Facilitator Training was eye opening and tremendously impactful. I have no doubt my clients will benefit from this methodology and will want to embrace it in their business planning.”
-Tracy Figg, ON, Canada

“Strategic Play challenges you to push yourself to understand what really matters both personally and professionally. Could I? Would I? Should I? The answer is an empirical yes! This training will amplify and leverage your ability to better service your clients needs. Become a facilitator in this methodology today – you will be glade you did, I know I am!”
-Wayne Jagoe, NFL, Canada

“Three days of hard fun that includes:
-Skills and offerings I can immediately integrate into my practice
-An understanding of the science of play and research that confirms its value for business and organizations
-First hand experience with the transformational power of the serious play methods and materials
-Professional and personal development with a committed group of fellow facilitators
-Less than 30 minutes of PowerPoint presentations in favour of engaging, experiential playful learning!”
Tamara Christensen, Arizona, USA


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