• Whenever someone asks me what I do for a living I get nervous. If the truth be told I play with LEGO. I use LEGO to make teamwork work better. I was recently asked about this in a radio interview and I gave

  • Bordering Johannesburg North in South Africa is Diepsloot, a shanty town born in the Apartheid era now facing poverty and urban challenges from decades of neglect. The Wot-if? Trust is dedicated to making a

  • Hi Robert
    Agreed, LSP is about the MODEL. I’d go one step further and say LSP is about the MEANING imbued in the model by its builders. The 3D dimensions of the model are the “interpreters” of the allocated

  • A shared model of LEGO SERIOUS PLAY presented at facilitator training in Johannesburg, Jan. 2015

    Pete Smith of Teamgel facilitated a LEGO SERIOUS PLAY facilitator

  • Pete Smith of Teamgel will offer LEGO SERIOUS PLAY

    facilitator training in Johannesburg on the following dates:

    – 26, 27 January
    – 11, 12 May
    – 3, 4 August
    – 16, 17 November

    For more information or to

  • The email read: “We currently manage a very evolved graduate programme. This includes some of the brightest and talented graduates from exclusive universities. Our final selection is regarded as the crème de la

  • Pete Smith posted a new activity comment 9 years, 8 months ago

    Hi Hisham

    I live in South Africa. It’s so far away from Europe and the US that Lego won’t deliver their Serious Play products here. I have to have them delivered in the UK and courier them to South Africa myself.
    I have been earning my living for 11 years using LEGO for team building and now Serious Play. I was trained by one of the so-called…[Read more]

  • Wiro, if you think it’s a bummer that exploration bags are not currently available in Europe/Netherlands, try to be loyal to the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodology and live in South Africa. I paid to be trained as a

  • Does anyone know why LEGO Online Shop doesn’t service countries like South Africa?

  • I am not one of the lucky ones. I live in South Africa.
    What I do to order LEGO SERIOUS PLAY kits is order from LEGO Direct in the UK. They deliver to a friend in the UK who then couriers the goods to me. And

  • ThumbnailPlease, will someone out there clarify this fundamental question for me. Marko has been very helpful in suggesting alternative LEGO kits to use when the officially recommended LEGO kits are out of stock. The

  • Jim
    I would like to add that I see the role of LEGO SERIOUS PLAY in business strategy formulation as adding necessary understanding to traditional approaches. So, we’re not dismissing Michael Porter and his

  • Teamgel will conduct LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™ Facilitator Training in Johannesburg on the following dates:

    17th and 18th February 2014
    12th and 13th

  • Hi Alan
    Eli’s concern regarding your only having 3 hours is a HUGE concern, and even more so if you start with a skills exercise to get them going. Surely sincere commitment is worth whatever time it takes? I’d

  • The Video is a clip that Teamgel team have put together to demonstrate the Lego Serious Play approach unfolding.

    And a short story about the background. When I attended Denise Meyerson’s course for LEGO

  • Thanks for coming back to me Eli and Per. I also emailed Denise directly. Her suggestion was: For a merger, some suggested questions: 1. Skills building – tower, lean the tower, build a strength you bring to the new team/division, either explain this or the promotion. 2. Build an aspect of this newly formed team/division

  • Pete here.
    All I’m looking for is friendly support.
    I want to run a half day session for this client to introduce LSP to them and am hoping to make it relevant to them.

  • Hi
    I’m recently trained by Denise Meyerson and want to run a workshop for a client on (organizational) change management. Two clients are merging and I’d like to play a role in the settling down process. Anybody out there have relevant template roadmaps? Thanks Pete Smith