Join us to learn how to use the method to explore values and identity – and develop team commitment despite differences in cultural backgrounds. The event is aimed at cross-cultural professionals, coaches and practitioners.

We start with a brief introduction into LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology and take our time with hands-on understanding of it’s process. Everyone will participate 100%,  practicing interpersonal, communication and emotional intelligence skills. We learn the essentials of the method practicing it’s basic applications, following the guiding principles and the etiquette of the game.

The workshop will continue the theme of understanding values in cross-cultural contexts and building diverse teams. LSP proved to turn a highly-effective solution for team building in whatever different cross-cultural contexts: global corporate events , academic sessions,
YoungSIETAR events,   FORUM events and  uniting internationals at MeetUp.

We are looking forward to share the method withe cross cultural enthusiasts in Dublin May 24 – the day before  SIETAR Congress 2017

This time we develop the theme deeper –  provide the participants with a further reading list, connecting practice to essential theories and concepts, Windows Exploration LSP sets (50 bricks) and  follow-up online support of their fist practice.
If any questions please forward them to:
For more information please check:
Number of participants in the group: min 6 – max 12.
Last Registration Date: May 14

JOIN US:  link to register via Eventbrite


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