S Play will organize a free of charge three-day conference in 18-20 November about Lego Serious Play in Rzeszów, Southern Poland, where Serious Play Pro community member Stefano Tardini will carry out a number of Lego Serious Play workshops.

S Play Conference 18 20 November 2014 Poland

The conference will take place in:
Kielnarowa 386A (click for Google Maps location)
Centrum Turystyki i Rekreacji WSIiZ
36-020 Kielnarowa

A number of workshops is planned for the event:

  • Lego® Serious Play® workshops for SMEs and for students. The LSP is a training method created for the training needs of Small and Medium Enterprises. This method gained recognition all over the world and is said to be a very effective tool, using Lego bricks for the creative thinking development. The originator of this method is the Lego Company which was looking for new opportunities for its development. When this idea met up the interest, the Lego Company opened a new branch named “Lego® Serious Play®”. They created the methodology for conducting trainings which utilize special kits of the Lego bricks. The Lego® Serious Play® method may be used as a trainings design tool for, among others, training companies, interactive agencies, workshops on creating IT systems or websites.
  • “Your Time” game. During the workshop, participants will play a training board game— “Your time” in which they put themselves in the role of an employee in a Construction & Refurbishment company. They compete against each other for a manager’s post of a new branch. Participants will be making decisions concerning what contracts to get and when to execute them. A Person with the best time management skills will be the winner.
  • “CarFactory” is a cooperative game, simulation of a technological project realization, in which the aim of each team (consisting of 5 people) is to deliver 3 different types of vehicles to the customer in a given time frame. The game reflects 3 most important elements of project management: Managing time, budget, and range, Quality management, HR management, and covers the full life cycle of a project form the initiation phase, to its completion. In the game, the currency is “Point of Cost” (POC). All the financial settlements are being conducted in it.

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