Lego Ultimate Building Set

Lego Ultimate Building Set

As Serious Play Starter Kit is again out of stock then people have asked about the suggestions on what are the best options for replacing those kits. Starter Kit comes with 214 items included and there is not a single option for replacement. However, there are two alternatives to contemplate:

  • Lego BuildToExpress (200 pieces) has fewer elements than LSP Starter Kit, but it includes a number of elements for interesting story-telling (Kings, castles, skeletons, a number of small interesting items – phones etc). For this reason it is slightly more expensive for EUR 35 and you may only purchase it via Lego Education regional websites.
  • However, Lego Ultimate Building Set (with 405 pieces) is a larger set, but has more generic pieces. Therefore it is less expensive than the starter kit. You may purchase it for USD 25.50 via Amazon. It has a small base plate and a number of generic building blocks – some wheels, some minifigs and some special elements, which might be useful for business metaphor building. UPDATE: based on Abu’s suggestion I might suggest this set for group-work in a pair. The number of bricks in this box makes it an adequate building set for two people simultaneously. The only downside for the team of two is that it has only got one 16×16-stud small green base plate. You might want to add one of the 10-inch base plates as an extra in that event.
  1. Mohammed Alkhanbashi 11 years ago

    Hi Marko,

    Do you think that the Ultimate Building is sufficient to be divided into 2 starter kits?

  2. Author
    Marko Rillo 11 years ago


    Yes – this is possible in principle. However, the downside is that Ultimate Building Set does not have quite enough special items.


  3. Luc Cipers 9 years ago


    I looked for this set on Amazon, but it seems to cost $120 instead of $25
    Is that a mistake or something else?


  4. Author
    Marko Rillo 9 years ago

    Luc – indeed, it looks like it has become much more expensive in the meantime. Probably worth considering the original Lego Serious Play Starter Kit instead. Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

  5. Manuel Grassler 8 years ago

    Hi Marko,

    Do you happen to have a build from instruction version for the Build2Express Kits?

    Kindest Manuel

  6. Author
    Marko Rillo 8 years ago

    Manuel – no I don’t. You might want to get in touch with LEGO Education close to your area and ask them.

  7. Nick Lekuona 8 years ago

    This set has been discontinued; I cannot find an equivalent as the new generic brick sets do not carry minifigs and special parts. Guess it is back to mixing kits…

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