Environmentally conscious buyers have been looking for opportunities to buy second hand LEGO bricks. You may be familiar with the selection of Ebay. Recently also Amazon started selling second hand random LEGO bricks for a cheap price that you may use in your LSP sessions or meetups. Many reviewers have been pretty unhappy with their purchase complaining that the set includes either boring items or that some of those bricks were not properly cleaned. However, if you consider this purchase what it is – a bunch of second hand items that are just adding to your collection of bricks then you may find that the price is not that bad.

In terms of quantity, please note that the sold selection in Amazon only includes 200 random bricks, which is slightly less than a single LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Starter Kit. This means that one bag of those random bricks is only just about enough for a single person for a short 1-2 hour session. For a larger group you might want to obtain a larger selection of those items.

Random LEGO bricks via Amazon

Click on the Photo to Purchase Random LEGO Bricks via Amazon


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