LEGO IRIS Brick Sorting Tray

LEGO IRIS Brick Sorting Tray

We have been asked a number of times on what is the most appropriate solution for sorting the individual items for LEGO SERIOUS PLAY sessions.

I have written about this in this longer article on doing “Custom Built Lego Serious Play Kit for 10 participants“. There are also some past forum discussions on storage and sorting (see here and here).

With Identity and Landscape Kit and Connections Kit it is easy – they come with their dedicated trays for sorting bricks and the small items are all kept separately. However, when you assemble some elements for custom workshops then things may get more complicated. It is also getting a bit more complicated once the carton containers where you house your kits get worn off after the longer use.

So far I have myself used storage boxes produced by Lego – they work well. One of those is spacious enough to house bricks for a pretty large group. You can comfortably fit your Landscape Kit together with Connections Kit in 5 of those storage boxes and these boxes can be operated more comfortably than the original cardboard boxes of the Landscape and Identity Kit and Connections Kit. For sorting the bricks trays I mostly use the trays by Rubbermaid in terms of measurements they fit perfectly on top of the storage box and the slots are comfortable to fit small items.

One community members recently suggested to also look into the set solution provided by IRIS that consist of:
2-piece sorting divider
a case and
activity chest.

My two concerns would be that the individual sorting compartments are to be small for convenient handling for some LEGO bricks. Also – when transporting them around they are not as sturdy as LEGO own compartments. They can break open more easily and when you tilt them you end up with mess.

It would be great if you could share your comments on storage and transport of the bricks.

  1. Jesús Mendoza Franco 8 years ago

    Hey! I found this beauty :D. It is made by a Mexican company (I’m from Mexico) of tools called truper. It’s inexpensive, has a nice and useful handle, a lock to prevent small parts getting all mixed up when carrying it and it comes in black with orange details. There are also similar but smaller models without the handle for really small parts or to give a nicely ordered starter kit to everyone.

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