One of the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY facilitators recently asked me a question about traveling with LEGO SERIOUS PLAY bricks. More than a year ago I had the same issue and I posted this question to our community forum and received many helpful replies. It is a challenge to fit a dozen of Starter Kits, Identity and Landscape Kit and Connections Kit into an airline-acceptable package.

I looked around for various options and decided to purchase one box of LEGO Education Vehicles Set Trucks Motorcycles & Cars 4579789 (934 Pieces) and another box of LEGO Education City Buildings Set 779311 (843 Pieces) . The bricks in those sets are valuable, but the two nicely perfectly sized LEGO blue boxes are even more valuable. They measure perfectly for travel. One of them fits precisely into IATA-approved carry on suitcase. Two of them side by side are best for luggage that you may hand over at baggage drop-off. Those boxes close with a perfect “click”, which helps to keep them closed inside the suitcase should the airport staff handle them roughly.

Step 1. I fill the two blue boxes up to 2/3 with random bricks – mostly from different Starter Kits. I also add a handful of random Minifigures because usually the participants enjoy using lots of people in their buildings. You may see the photo of the box with bricks at the top of this blog post.

Step 2. I add trays on top of the random bricks. There are probably several options, but the trays that from Identity and Landscape Kit fit perfectly into the top part of the brick box.


Step 3. I fill the compartments of the trays with plastic bags full of assorted bricks from (e.g. connectors, ladders, wheels and cogs) that are useful for building landscape connections and adding “LEGO agents” to the landscape.


Step 4. On top of those I add two smaller size 10×10 inches base plates that fit on top and keep the contents together. Those base plates can be used at a later stage for one part of landscape discussions.


Step 5. Add the box lids to close the boxes.


Step 6. Put to box(es) into the travel bag.


Step 7. Add larger base plates (size 15×15 inch) for final sealing before closing the suitcase. Those base plates can be used as central Lego Serious Play landscape plates.


This combination of two blue boxes works perfectly to facilitate a 2-3 day workshop for a group of 10-15 participants.

Add your questions, comments and suggestions below. Happy to discuss about your experience.


  1. Andy Kwok 8 years ago

    Still possible to put the plates on top of tray ?? like after Step 3?

  2. Author
    Marko Rillo 8 years ago

    Hi Andy! Sure – it depends on how many bricks do you add to the box. :)

  3. Johan M 8 years ago

    Thanks for this idea Marko.

    Are you fitting in that way a full identity & Landscape Kit and a full Connections Kit?

    On the other hand, do you use something else to display or set the bricks and pieces in the room ?


    Johan M

  4. Author
    Marko Rillo 8 years ago

    No, two full Identity and Landscape Kit and Connections Kit are too much to fit into those two boxes.
    Display. It depends on a workshop. If I am running a structured intervention then I use the very same trays to sort the bricks. If it is primarily a free-form building, then I simply lay the bricks out in a pile, circle or horseshoe-shape around the table.

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