I received today a question from Jeff about how to choose proper alternatives in situation where the LSP kits are out of stock or unavailable:

Was reading through the DIY LSP kit for 10 and most of it involved Lego Education sets. Here in Manila, it’s a challenge to get the said sets because 1) shipping would greatly increase the cost, and 2) the local provider cannot sell to non-educational institutions. Is there a science behind the brick selection? Are there elements that are “required”? Since LSP kits are also expensive to begin with, I’m planning to make use of my own bricks at first once I get LSP started here in Manila.

Brick Selection Criteria for Lego Serious Play sessions - by Robert Rasmussen

Brick Selection Criteria for Lego Serious Play sessions – by Rasmussen

Some time ago I saw a guide on “Brick Selection Criteria”. In this guide he explained that basically there are 8 types of bricks that you may wish to compile for your Lego Serious Play session. I have also added a couple of suggestions that are neither part of LSP nor Lego Education that you may consider for each.

  1. Basic bricks for making the structures. Bricks of different sizes (2,4,8 studs), plates with double and single row of studs. Best if in pairs (or more) and with multiple colors of bricks of each kind.
  2. Bricks with odd shapes. Similar selection criteria as type 1.
  3. Multi metaphor bricks that can be used for different kinds of metaphors but also for generic constructions. E.g. flagpoles.
  4. Single metaphor bricks that typically only are used for metaphors. Animals, plants, tools etc.
  5. Transparent bricks – same as first three categories.
  6. Minifigures. This is important – no structures are usually complete without a group of minifigures.
  7. Bricks for movements. Try to make sure that you have some wheels, hinges, turntables etc to make the construction items dynamic.
  8. Base plates – this is probably something that is frequently overlooked, but an important part of construction.

Some ideas for alternatives below.

You may go for LEGO Bricks & More Builders of Tomorrow Set 6177 – really basic option with primarily one type of bricks, but still enough to get started with building. LEGO Bricks & More 10662 Creative Bucket – somewhat more advanced, with some transparent bricks included as well. Or my favourite suggestion: LEGO Ultimate Building Set – 405 Pieces (6166), with pretty decent options included which should cover all your building needs and includes the necessary base plate missing from the two previous choices.

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  1. Jeff Tagle 10 years ago

    thanks for this comprehensive response Marko!

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