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Sometimes all what is needed during complex processes is a small push. This was the case when Resortera had the opportunity to contribute to the journey of a local group guided by the common idea of enriching education in Croatia in order to motivate leadership and empower children.

Approach and process

This group of professionals passed a long divergent and critical phase and it was ready to be challenged with its next step. It was a good timing, they wanted to explore more and clearly define the characteristics of their next movement. A special tailor-made approach to develop new ways of understanding the challenge they face was designed. The session was based on the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® materials and methodology, an experiential process, a learning by doing methodology that get people focus on the process of building with hands. The first part of the session was spent introducing the methodology and getting the people confident on working with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® materials. During the second part an understanding of personal identities was established. This very important second part was the based for the last part when they explore and map out possible characteristics of the next step they want to develop.


The enthusiasms and energy brought by the group to the table matched the hands-on essence of the methodology. The construction of individual metaphorical 3-D models in a playful manner unleashed their creative imagination. Later, they developed an interesting shared model of what the group designed to be the final shape of their next big step. Having the opportunity to listen to every member, shearing ideas, assumptions and understandings the team engaged in rich dialogues working out a tangible solution all together.

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  1. Matt Goddard 9 years ago

    Hi Hermes,

    Would you be happy to contact me to discuss your work using the LSP Method in education? I have a client who I need to provide a case study to of educational use of the LSP Method and wondered whether you would be happy for me to share your post.

    My email address is



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