Serious Work book is now published also in German language as: Meetings und Workshops mit der LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Methode Moderieren 

Many thanks to Jens Droge for his enthusiasm to popularise LEGO Serious Play in German-speaking countries. It is possible to obtain the electronic version of this book via the website here:

The paperback will hit German Amazon and the bookshops later in December.

  1. […] dann war da das Buch von Sean Blair und Marko Rillo (mit dem ich vorher schon über seine Seite Kontakt hatte). Was soll ich sagen? Das Buch und die Herangehensweise haben mich gepackt. Einfach […]

  2. Jens Droege 1 week ago

    Thanks @sean and @markorillo for being such tremendous partners and all your trust.

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