LEGO SERIOUS PLAY and Business Models – Part 2

Rory has now posted his second blog on how we used LEGO SERIOUS PLAY to develop a business model (using the canvas as the structure). It is as well written and informative as the first, I warmly recommend it

You can read it here

  • Eli De Friend

    Hey Guys, Thanks for sharing :-)
    I think it was really important that Rory mentioned that his team only concentrated on the areas of the Canvas, where they felt they were weak. Aesthetically, it’s nice to have a whole vision, but pragmatically, it’s a bit of a luxury to spend time modelling stuff that you already feel you agree on.
    As my session at the EPFL will be in an educational context, I will try to make sure I cover all areas to some degree. I’m actually thinking of using the process we designed for Swisscom and changing the terminology to fit the Business Model Canvas.

  • Itha Taljaard

    I have used LSP and the Business Canvass with great success. One of my customers reported a 103% bottom line increase and a 56% topline increase 12 months later. They contribute this to the intervention I facilitated.
    I had 5 business units in the room and we built 5 canvasses concurrently for each business unit.
    What were the key takeaways for them (as per their comments)
    1) I never knew this is what the other department do. Now I understand it and I can spot opportonities to cross-sell far better
    2) What a mess – we are trying to be everything to everybody
    3) Ability to spot duplication and ineffieciencies
    4) Closed down one business unit
    5) Created 3 new business units based on clear gaps in the market