During the last month I have been playing around and testing an interesting solution that tries to address the issue of handling multiple Excel files for your event planning. There is a beta version that has been made available by TrainedON, which allows you to enter various parts of your LEGO SERIOUS PLAY session and play the elements around with drag-and-drop and share the resulting information with the workshop clients.

I was really impressed with the workflow. You can easily enter the different elements of the workshop, add your notes, play around with the timing of the sessions and see what does it do to the overall result of the event. The results truly user friendly and they are easy to export to PDF. See this link for my Joomla demo session that founder of TrainedON Robert Cserti helped to enter for your review: https://www.trainedon.com/sessions/82f70i/edit?t=cZKoyj9EZ45O-ljHShSaGg

I have been in contact with Robert and he has suggested that they would like to collaborate with our community of LEGO SERIOUS PLAY practitioners and set up a DEMO library of a dozen LSP workshops and see how we could develop this into a library of practice that we could easily share among ourselves. If you are interested in being a part of this small group of people who would like to test TrainedON in your practice then please drop me a note via my contacts: Marko Rillo

  1. Yana Wengel 8 years ago

    Hello Marco, somehow I can not send you a private message. I just saw this post about the TrainedON and I would be keen to participate if you still recruiting people.

    Kind regards,

  2. Solange Marquez 8 years ago

    Hello Marko,

    This is Solange from Mexico, I was reading your note about TrainedON and it would be great if I can become a part of the group to test it.

    Thanks a lot.

    Best Regards,

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