Trivioquadrivio recently held a Lego® Serious Play® session for the Italian branch of a leading international publisher in science and medicine. The workshop was targeted at 30 people belonging to two different business units. Goal was to get to an increased interaction between the business units, with special regard to topics such as mutual knowledge and understanding, awareness and alignment on collaboration

Lego® Serious Play® methodology worked especially well in this context, helping the participants’ reflection on different roles and points of view. Participants were divided in two mixed groups, each facilitated by one TQ trainer, working for a full day on the same agenda. At the end of the workshop, a plenary presentation was held to share the results between the two groups. Also, a closing Q&A session involved the business units leaders.

The workshop produced a deep and lively debate on collaboration topics and a very positive output both in terms of increased awareness and collaborative mood.

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