Lego Serious Play Workshop at Lift Conference

Dotti Toellner and Cori Moore Video on Lego Serious Play Facilitation workshop at Lift 2014 conference. They wrote about the event the following.

What happened at Lift14: Well, we sure had some serious fun – it’s amazing what you can do with such energetic and inspiring participants! The fully booked session kicked off with some skill building exercises, teaching our lively liftonians how to (literally) build metaphors, express abstract ideas with 3D models and collaborate through storymaking. Then the real work started as we addressed the question: “What does it take to be a change agent”. (We couldn’t believe how committed these guys were – talk about “flow moments”.) Putting their new skills into action, our lifters experienced rapid action prototyping and shared sense making as they probed and encouraged their fellow team members, drawing out meaning with plenty cheers and laughter!

They also reflected upon their experience at their blog and at their company website.

Doerte ‘Dotti’ Toellner is co-founder and managing director of Point-Blank International. In nearly two decades as a qualitative researcher, design thinker and change agent she has founded two companies and travelled the world on the behalf of ‘her’ brands. Catching sparks and crafting new ways of looking, thinking & doing keeps her inspired and passionate – in research, design, innovation & life in general. Make sure you set aside some time to chat with her about her hobby horses, such as 5 senses research, haptic think and the role of magic in the qualitative approach!

Cori Moore is stationed at Point-Blank’s idea workbench and communication hub, better known as Spark & Craft. A multitasking octopus, she devotes her time to running workshops, attending conferences and events, writing blogs & articles, tweeting, occasionally doodling and bringing new sparks of inspiration & people into the company. A cultural sponge, with a passion for trying new things, her bag of tricks incorporates her experience in the diverse fields of research, communication, event management & mixology – she can make a mean cocktail if you ask her nicely.


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