Today I discovered that City of Cape Town in South Africa has announced a public tender. They are recruiting a LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodology trainer to deliver a 2-day training event for their 35 staff members. They have prepared a bureaucratic document of more than 30 pages (pdf): South Africa Cape Town LEGO SERIOUS PLAY training tender documents

An interesting part of this bureaucratic masterpiece was the section on evaluation criteria (pp. 23-24):

  • More than 10 LEGO SERIOUS PLAY training sessions completed – max 20 points
  • More than 8 years of experience in facilitating with LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodology – max 15 points
  • The facilitation approach include methods to enhance the ability of the participant to understand and apply the Lego Serious Play innovation skill – max 20 points
  • Proposed materials or content to be used and applied in the facilitation process meets the criteria or requirements of the specification – max 30 points
  • An appropriately experienced facilitator with more than 8 years of relevant experience in facilitation of Lego Serious Play training sessions – max 15 points.

In practice, this means that a couple of dozen individuals around the world should be able to fulfill all the requirements fully. I am just wondering how many would bother to fill in 30 pages of forms just to deliver a 2-day training. :-)

Anyway, if you are interested in bidding you need to hurry. The deadline for submission of bids is 25 May 2018 at 2:00 PM Cape Town time. Check this site for more details:


  1. Gaylin 6 years ago

    Thanks for sharing Mark. I am based in Johannesburg and use Lego Serious Play in the innovation space. I have certainly facilitated more than 10 sessions, but fall well short of the 8 years!
    What is encouraging is to see, at least, is that the City is thinking about using these more innovative methods. :)

  2. Gaylin 6 years ago

    I just realised – they want to train 35 people in the method. Yes, very few people fit this request!

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