Come one, come all!

Game changers


Non conformists and Makers

Brick lovers


Movers and Shakers

Tinkers and Builders

Collectors and fans

Come one and come all

with LEGO® in hand!


Forget about the

Doubters, Regretters

Resisters and such,

Know-it-alls, show-offs,

They don’t have much.

Contrarians, Opposers,

Antagonists too,

The devil’s advocates,


They’re all anti NEW!

Original poem from the book Strategic Play: The Creative Facilitator Guide Vol#2 What the Duck!



First, let’s begin with the definition:

Red Ocean: Best described as the ocean full of sharks. It is a competitor bloodbath, where everyone is fighting for the same itsy-bitsy market share.

Blue Ocean: Best described as wide open, with no one in sight. You are out there, with no competitors.


Now some people love the Red Ocean. It may be hard to imagine anyone would spend their life’s energy in hand-to-hand conflict, but that is their thing. They try to get ahead with dubious practices. They are the ones who like to take cheap shots at their competitors, always comparing their services to others’ with “alternative facts.” They might even go as far as using unethical business practices by making false claims.


The only way you can get away from these Red Ocean dwellers it to swim like hell into Blue Ocean. Swimming is the equivalent of innovating. You need to out-imagine your competitors, and move to friendlier waters with the speed of agility, flexibility, and adaptability. The market is huge if you have an abundance mindset. Scarcity thinking will be a rock around your neck in the Red Ocean, and eventually you will sink.


Time and again we encounter people who see everything as a win/lose competition. These people do not collaborate, they want it all their way.


Do not be these people!


When you swim in the Blue Ocean you will see how these people were merely a distraction. Do not get too close, they might suck you into the gravitational pull of their negative whirlpool and you will spend way too much time trying to get back out.



If you are tired of wasting valuable resources in the Red Ocean, give us a call. We can show you how to get into the Blue Ocean by adding LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods to your offering and we can show you how to stay there where you will attract the perfect clients.


And if customers want the Red Ocean, if that is what attracts them, let them go. These are the clients/customers you do not want anyway.


The blue ocean is waiting for you – email or call us today and we will help you swim over there:





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