I’m happy to start the dialog on using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods for coaching on the SeriousPlay Pro community site and hope to hear from you and how you are using this powerful application.


LSP provides a great hands on approach to coaching. It allows the coach to lead and support the builder through a process where they are able to examine their inside world in a much different way than traditional talking methods. Insights gained can lead to opportunities for further exploration and discovery supported by additional LEGO builds.


In a coaching process this 3D tool can be very helpful. People not only get to hear themselves speak and gain feedback from a coach, like in a traditional coaching approach but in addition, they also get to use their hands to build. This method utilizes visual, tactile, and auditory methods.


The builder not only tells a new story but they SEE a new point of view, create something different, and experience the process of constructing and deconstructing as they change their mind and their perspective. This helps them to radically see the situation in a brand new light.


For the application of creative coaching I use a facilitative approach with the mind set as follows:


  1. The builder already has all the answers inside.
  2. The builder is naturally creative.
  3. The builder is the expert on their life.
  4. The builder owns the outcome.
  5. The builder is naturally brilliant.
  6. The builder is the one who makes choices and decisions.
  7. The builder is not “broken” and does not need “fixing.” They are perfect.
  8. The coach is there to help facilitate a process.
  9. The builder carries the process into action to make changes.
  10. The outcome belongs to the builder.


In this process old ways of thinking are challenged and the 3D building approach helps the builder to create new neuro-pathways to enable positive change for the future. The builder experiences multiple “ah ha” moments as the subconscious mind goes into overdrive. Builders are creating space in the central part of the brain, the LEGO models act as a place holder freeing up working memory. A playful and safe space allows them to create and imagine new possibilities and new stories about the future.


I look forward to hearing your thoughts about the process of using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® for coaching.


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