This workshop facilitated with 11 participants – all members of a department – and last for 7 hours.

One day after the workshop I send a survey to all participants and the results are shown below. Based on the study, it looks that the workshop went well but we could not find a perfect solution that can help to over come the obstacles.

The survey results has shown that the company don’t think the solutions which are extracted from the workshop are practical or they can solve the problems.

In my opinion, there are some options that can explain this insight from the workshop:

  • First, the design and the questions were not suitable so the answers couldn’t be reliable solutions at the end.
  • Second, the other possibility could be joining CEO of the company to the workshop exactly after extracting the shared model of company problems, then he starts observing the workshop up to the end. Therefore, the finding solution phase had happened with his presence!

both possibilities force me to find solutions for my LSP workshops in future because in every workshop either of these situations could happen!