Sorry, I made a mistake today! I regularly send the series of 5 welcome letters using mailchimp to the new Serious Play Pro community subscribers. I accidentally triggered the e-mail wrongly today and sent out “new member” e-mails to all of our community members who haven’t received the welcome e-mails so far. So you might be mightily surprised to receive an e-mail addressing you as a “recent member”. Hope you might find some contents of those e-mails valuable. If not then sorry for pestering – just delete them. Mea culpa! :-)

To provide you with compensation and something useful out of my inability to handle technical issues I am committing myself to finally write up and publish several LEGO SERIOUS PLAY case studies that have been waiting in the pipeline. So – rather than receiving those five introductory e-mails as a nuisance that perhaps remind you about the possibilities that you are well familiar with – hope that a new case study side by side with the introductory e-mail would provide you also with something interesting for you to read. Hope for lots of interesting discussions and happy to also seek the other people publish some new stuff! :)

– Marko


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