Facilitator as Conductor by Simon Kneebone

Facilitator as Conductor by Simon Kneebone – simonkneebone.com

We have set up a simple marketplace for facilitation requests. To preserve the identity of the clients, you need to log in to see their contact details.

To review the job offers enter the facilitation marketplace.

If you are one of the clients wishing to engage a facilitator please search for facilitators or add your post here: looking for LEGO SERIOUS PLAY facilitator

We will leave at your professional discretion the way the community facilitators and clients handle their contacts, contracts and work. There are two ground rules that we would like everybody to adhere to who subscribe to the business opportunities.

  • Facilitation marketplace is only available to trained LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitators of the SeriousPlayPro community.  If you are not yet trained in LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology then please attend one of the training events!
  • When you take up a project via SeriousPlayPro.com community you agree to pay us a 10 percent finder’s fee. We operate on an honour system and kindly ask you to get in touch with us within one week of finalisation of your work for invoicing and payment.
  1. Thank you for this feature, very cool!

  2. Massimo Mercuri 9 years ago

    Hi … some of the people I send the link, get confused because of the Google Ads popping up between the posts.
    I imagine that this is to get some funding for the management of the website itself. An option would be to display them on the right or left side …

  3. @SeanBlair 9 years ago

    @massimo – I agree. I’m not sure how much $$$ the ads generate, but I’d enjoy the site more if it were ad free.

  4. Author
    Marko Rillo 9 years ago

    @Massimo and @SeanBlair – thank you for your comments. We are currently testing various options for financing the community and I am happy to discuss what is the best placement for ads or seeing if we can make it ad free at some sections.

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