Lego Serious Play Twitter fans have used already quite some time hashtag #LEGOSERIOUSPLAY to point to different interesting Lego Serious Play related events, posts, discussions, photos or videos. I suggest to continue doing so.

Lego Serious Play Pro on Twitter

Lego Serious Play Pro on Twitter

It would also be great to point out some avid Lego Serious Play friends and fans to follow on Twitter who primarily tweet in English. Sorry – if  I have forgotten somebody then please do add them (including by shameless self-promoting) in the comment fields below.

and last but not least our newly opened community Twitter site:

  1. Per Kristiansen 10 years ago

    Agree, but as mentioned elsewhere I suggest that we use CAPS
    (#LEGOSERIOUSPLAY), this is closer to the trademarkregulations, and make little (no)
    difference on Twitter. Personally, this is what I have been doing for the last
    couple of years

  2. markorillo 10 years ago

    Thanks for pointing this out, Per – I made a correction in the post.

  3. Patrizia Bertini 10 years ago

    Thank You Marko for the mention!

    I have alsto tried to trace back all LSP people on Twitter and have created an open list

    So, if you are an LSP enthusiast – drop me a line on Twitter and help me to create this list, so that we can easily have access to what the community is saying all around the world :)

  4. markorillo 10 years ago

    Patrizia – many thanks! Very useful indeed! :)

  5. Patrizia Bertini 10 years ago

    My pleasure!

    I check from time to time for new people, and have found 91 LSP facilitators (10 new ones today) but I am sure there are many more out there in the twitterspace!
    It is interesting and inspiring to see what the community is twitting about!

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