Hello fellow LSP facilitators, designers,  innovators and 3D thinkers!

Denise Meyerson and I are honored to step into the roles of editor and assistant editor for this wonderful community site. We are dedicated to continuing the excellent effort started by Marko Rillo in 2010. I meet Marko in December 2009, when he was attending one of the last facilitator trainings held by the LEGO® Systems Group offered in Billund, Denmark. When LEGO® announced they were moving from a licensing to an Open Source Model, Marko immediately purchased the domain name for www.seriousplaypro.com and set out to create a community. Bravo, Marko, for your vision & implementation and a big thank you for your continued support!

We are very excited to be contributing here in order to continue to build the community and spread the word about the power of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology and materials, as we encourage conversations and information sharing.

Congratulations to those of you who have tinkered, experimented, tested, prototyped, and discovered more and more excellent ways to apply LSP, which was first imagined by Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen when he questioned (pardon the paraphrasing) “How might we use LEGO® bricks to help people work through the process of strategy?” Did he have any idea at that moment in time that this tool would eventually be used by facilitators around the world, who are often working on issues that impact so many lives in positive ways?

Through the efforts of this creative community, LSP has been applied in multiple ways within numerous industries and with a variety of populations. We are encouraged and inspired by the ways in which people have put the methodology to work as they have customized the process to gain fantastic results.

To facilitate this growth we want to make it easier for people to navigate this community site. As a result, we have decided to make a few layout and format changes:

  1. We are moving over to a magazine template to allow for the creation of columns that will facilitate topic areas to be explored to a deeper degree. Each area will be led by someone who has identified themselves as having an expertise in the  LSP specialization area.  You should see these changes soon.
  1. We are also going to create a standardized format for case studies so they are more concise and easier to read. Going forward, it seems wise to suggest that case studies should adhere to a word limit in order to keep to a more executive summary format. This way readers can be encouraged to ask clarifying questions if they want more information, creating—we hope—more conversations.

We look forward to some great real-time conversations, emerging innovations, and building a stronger community!

Play On,

Jacquie & Denise


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