We all have opinion about how to be a good team. We live in the teams. We see the improvement needs of team ever day. We all talk about it every time, in meetings, at coffee breaks, group discussions etc. Can we show our ideas in constructive way?

Yes we can!

I believe that Lego® Serious Play™ is innovative, creative and fun way to show the opinions. I ran a workshop at Project Management Summit 2015 which was organized by PMI Turkey Chapter. I ran 2 hours Lego® Serious Play™ workshop for 35 people. I split them into seven groups of five.

Workshop had started with introduction to Lego® Serious Play™ Methodology. Because of the participants don’t know each other, starting activity was done to meet them in groups.


Participants were not familiar with the Lego® Serious Play™ methodology, some warm up exercises were done.

How to be a good team question was asked to participants. Every participants told their story. They built the model in groups. Each group shared their models.

We presented how to be a good team via Lego models by using Lego® Serious Play™ methodology. In that session, participants were so excited and curious about Lego Serious Play methodology. Everybody enjoyed the session.

About the facilitator

yelda_gurbuz_erdoganYelda has been working on process improvement area for 15 years. She has experience on many traditional and agile development methodologies in various type projects. She’s established process systems in compliance with standards or models or way of work.

Yelda especially focuses on efficiency and effectiveness of processes. She helps teams in understanding their processes and dynamics, via trainings and workshops. She is passionate about sharing her experience with people.

Lego® Serios PlayTM is a radical, innovative and experimental process. Yelda became a Lego® Serious PlayTM Facilitator because this unique process keeps the participants active and focuses on problem solving. As a facilitator, she helps teams establish strategies in various topics, build trust, increase communication effectiveness, improve efficiency of work by breaking their usual way of thinking.


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  1. good job!

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