Yesterday I facilitated an ‘ExportJam’ workshop commissioned by UK Trade & Investment (UKTI – a Government department) that aimed to generate ideas for how the UK can double exports by 2020.

At the workshop mid point we recorded stories that looked like this:

To film in this way I used a Logitech C930 webcam, a 20m USB Cable, Quicktime player (to record, with a few helpful hints) plus a few lego bricks, black gaffer tape and a range of mini-figures.


Serious Lego Movie gear

This approach seems better able to get into the story of the model, plus when the feed is simultaneously projected onto a large screen  a large group can see the story at the same time.

We made 10 short films in all (all on the ExportJam YouTube channel), here are three others perspectives.

Please share any tips for making your own serious lego movies!

This post first appeared on the ProMeet blog.

Sean Blair @ProMeetings

  1. Marko Rillo 9 years ago

    Wow! Nice case study – well done! :)

  2. Wayne Jagoe 9 years ago

    Sean, well done… for the unknown the fig holding a tiny microphone might be a nice touch… love this… out of the box… very well done…

  3. Onno Kruitwagen 9 years ago

    Thanks for sharing, Sean. Looks nice!

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