Make Happy Playing with Lego

Make Happy Playing with Lego

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Last week the Make Happy team and a few friends were invited to become LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™ (LSP) facilitators. LSP enables people to move away from linear thinking to creative problem solving through playing with lego. This style of play has two fundamental rules: everyone must build and everyone must tell their story.

Building a strategy from lego was great, especially as we found that one idea can be constructed and interpreted in so many different ways. When the time came to tell the story of your build, it was a big confidence boost to see that everyone was actively engaged and listening to your opinion.

Using lego was also brilliant in aiding innovation and creativity to what originally seemed like such a solid topic, such as a team’s strength. We were able to modify and improve upon our original build instantly by changing a few bricks or components. It meant we could test our ideas in the moment and adapt them till we were satisfied. I had such a fantastic time doing the workshop and it has inspired me to view decision making and my thought structure in a completely new way.

We also learnt that you cannot have the same outcome by just using LEGO® alone. Facilitating this process is a skill that has been learnt through the psychoanalysis of STRATEGIC PLAY™. The Make Happy office is now a full team of LSP fantastic facilitators.


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