Our Serious Play Pro community website celebrates its 2nd birthday. Starting up as a small website for a few enthusiasts a year ago the average number of daily unique visits to the SeriousPlayPro.com website was just 10-30 hits. In the past 3-4 months we have reached the average of 50-60 daily hits. Since the beginning of 2012 there have already been several days where more than 100 unique visitors have been to our community website. Not bad!

In order to improve the website performance for this increased number of visitors we have spent some hours during past couple of weeks in redesigning and streamlining. To the outside you may see that the difference is minor. Only the layout looks somewhat modernized. Most changes have happened to the engine that is located in the server side. However, these changes also affect a couple of issues at the front-end.

  1. We have disabled the Facilitator Database page because of a security vulnerability. I.e. for the time being we won’t have a public list of who is certified facilitator and who is not. If you want to know where somebody could come and help you then just go ahead and ask us. And for our certified facilitators – I hope that this will call for more active and interesting contributions – as this will be your chance to shine and attract more attention of the clients. :-)
  2. To increase the speed of the website we disabled a module that allowed picture gallery slideshows. However, it is still possible to use photos on individual posts and on profile pages.
  3. We have revised the events module. Those of you – certified facilitators who have the right to add events: after logging just go to: http://seriousplaypro.com/events/ and select “Add an event” from the bottom. Fill the blanks (Title, Description, Date/Time, Location), press Publish and voila!
  4. From the previous individual posts of LSP-related library we have generated a single page of LSP-related books: http://seriousplaypro.com/about/books/ – Should you have some good ideas what books to add then just comment for the community.

Let us know what do you think!


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