This video is only a small taste of my placement experience during my semester at Tallinn University. I had the opportunity to work with Marko Rillo, one of the pioneers of Lego Serious Play methodology. I hope the adult educators find this of help and give more ideas into their facilitation and creative processes.

As the picture above, I felt really puzzled at the beginning of my placement. The first reason was that this opportunity was the least expected since I thought to work directly with the Estonian community. Yet, this rare opportunity took me away from my comfort zone and made me explore new possibilities. Lego® Serious Play® was something completely new for me and I was in shock when using it to build a project as a cellphone app, but at the same time how to build team work.

I honestly I could never imagine that playing with legos would make me see things different or that we could run a work meeting! While exploring this method and understand how it would be developed into a cellphone app, I realized the different contexts and situation LSP can work for.

My fear went away, when I became more playful and use this method in my life, making decisions, or clearing up my mind, inspiration for writing, just to mention a few. The more you play the more you find endless and creative possibilities! My process of placement was full of generation of creative ideas, a lot of playing, discovering more possibilities, and this video is just one of the applications of this method I wanted to share with you.

Dania Maria Castillo Marcia is finalising her International Master in Adult Education for Social Change. Before joining this wonderful experience she was teaching English at the Universidad Pedagógica Nacional Francisco Morazán, and also acting at Nomad theatre group in Honduras. Prior this, she also had the opportunity to study and work in United States being granted these opportunities by United States Department of State in partnership with U.S.A universities. Her interests are: theatre, creative writing, baking, education, languages, and cultural exchange.


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