On the Road with LEGO Serious Play - Chile and Raleigh, NC

Lego Serious Play in Lego Education – video about students from Dichato, Chile and from Raleigh, NC. Following yesterday’s post let me add the second part of the video produced by Eugene Wheeler and Branson Moore. In this video they take a trip to Earthquake devastated town of Dichato in Chile and establishing video link to meet with schoolkids in Raleigh, North Carolina. The students are using thereafter Lego Serious Play to discuss some different issues about their present and future – both in classroom and with their families.

I would make an interesting observation – those 5th graders are young. If you would ask them to write an essay about dealing with the societal or personal impacts of devastating catastrophe following tsunami it would presumably be a child-like stream of thoughts. If you would simply ask them to discuss their future among their family members, they would also fall to their anticipated role. I presume that without the LSP the discussion would most likely turn out to be parents telling the story how they would see the future of their children and the youngsters either agreeing or coming back with “don’t know-s”.

However, Lego Serious Play methodology helps the children think metaphorically and conceptually. When I hear some reasoning in these two videos (the previous Lego Serious Play in Schools of Mexico posted here yesterday) – I wonder if I am listening to students who are significantly older and more mature than they really are. Also the questions that they ask about each other’s models demonstrate sincere curiosity and involvement with each other’s thoughts. Lego Serious Play certainly equalizes the discussion among the peers. What are your thoughts about this?

Lego Serious Play in Classroom

Lego Serious Play in Classroom


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