A shared model of LEGO SERIOUS PLAY presented at facilitator training in Johannesburg, Jan. 2015

Pete Smith of Teamgel facilitated a LEGO SERIOUS PLAY facilitator training workshop in Johannesburg, South Africa in January, 2015. This is a video of the attendees presenting the shared model they built of “What is LEGO SERIOUS PLAY?” Team members: Boyd Mooiman, DJ Grant, Michael Raubenheimer and Monika Adelfang

  1. Robert Rasmussen 9 years ago

    Hello Pete,
    The power of LSP as a communication tool is the MODEL.
    When the words are clearly connected to the visual image of the model then we remember.
    In the training we over and over teach the facilitators that in LSP it is about THE MODEL. The model and the team’s story is no doubt very powerful. However we in many ways witness a traditional conversation between people with little connection to the model. So there is little we will remember.
    That is at least how I felt watching the video.


  2. Author
    Pete Smith 9 years ago

    Hi Robert
    Agreed, LSP is about the MODEL. I’d go one step further and say LSP is about the MEANING imbued in the model by its builders. The 3D dimensions of the model are the “interpreters” of the allocated metaphorical meanings.
    I too would prefer the delegates to refer to the 3D dimensions one by one and for them to systematically interpret their meanings, but it’s their meaning accessed through the art of story telling, their story.
    And I’m not convinced by allowing license in the telling of their story that it follows that there is little we will remember.
    Kind regards

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