Play, Playfulness, Creativity and Innovation by Bateson and Martin

Play, Playfulness, Creativity and Innovation by Bateson and Martin

Paul Patrick Bateson (Cambridge King’s College professor of neurobiology, zoology and ethology) and Paul Martin (Cambridge Wolfson College behavioural biologist) have just finalised an interesting book which was published two weeks ago by Cambridge University Press on “Play, Playfulness, Creativity and Innovation”.

It is a thorough analysis of the biological roots of playful behaviour. It offers an interesting insight on how humour, playfulness, dreams and creativity are closely interrelated. As the authors background is in biology they obviously argue that play forms an integral a part of evolutionary path of species. However, they take their argument further and explain how more complex social play behaviour manifests itself in organizational setting.

For Serious Play facilitators the book provides many interesting insights. Worth reading as a part of your growing Serious Play Library.


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