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Using Lego Serious Play for Change Management

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Originally posted on About a month ago, the business services division of an FMCG company used Lego Serious Play as part of their Change Management initiative. The company has gone through a lot of changes in the previous months, and they want the employees to realize that in spite of these events, they are still in control of their …

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Understanding Values: A LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® workshop for diverse teams

In Serious Play Case Studies by Tatiana Gavrilova2 Comments

This workshop took place at IACCM-SIETAR Austria-CEMS conference, devoted to contemporary approaches in training and education for cross-cultural competence at Vienna University of Economics and Business. Business companies, education institutions and communities continue facing the international development challenges, resulting from absence of cultural awareness and corresponding skills. The gap between academic ‘knowing’ and ‘doing’ in real life is not covered …

Building Smart Cities with Children

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The following post has been written by Claudia Qwynn in Spanish language. If somebody would like to translate it to English then please let us know. Por intermedio de estos Talleres hemos abierto un espacio creativo e irradiante, único en Chile, el cual fomenta la reflexión sobre la innovación y el futuro, en un diálogo que incorpora a niños desde …

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Impact Day Recap: Exploring What Makes Vibrant Communities

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October 2nd 2015 was a game changer of a day when we hosted a diverse collective in our Action Lab around what helps to build and strengthen vibrant, inclusive communities. We were grateful that the day was initially sparked when our allies at Deloitte asked how they might collaborate with Skills Society and make an impact on Deloitte’s international day …