Get the experience with Facilitator Training in the LEGO® Serious Play® methodology with Marko Rillo, the Founder of community.

What sets this LEGO® Serious Play® training apart from others?

  1. Practice facilitating real business goals of the training participants!
  2. Learn LEGO Serious Play Methodology in a small group that has been carefully pre-selected!
  3. Training that is not overly complex. Just high quality and hands-on training in the LEGO® Serious Play® methodology on Level 1 (Individual Building) and on Level 2 (Shared Building).
  4. Learn complex Level 3 (Systems Building, Complex Problem Solving, Strategy) at live projects or during advanced training.
  5. Pathway to competency-based certificate in LEGO Serious Play® methods and materials.
  6. The right to use my training materials to train the others!
  7. Doing it all in 3 days.

What will you receive during LEGO® Serious Play® training?

The course fee covers training days, a course manual and a copy of our Serious Work book. Tea, coffee, snacks and working lunch throughout the training days. On-line coaching for preparing for your first self-designed workshop. Access to the on-line community network with other facilitators using the LEGO® Serious Play® methodology via

Training dates 2017

  • 28-30 August 2017 in Helsinki, Finland
  • 6-8 September 2017 in Tallinn, Estonia
  • 17-19 October 2017 in Helsinki, Finland

For more information click here to find out about LEGO® Serious Play® training or get in touch with Marko:



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