Gkogkidis Dacre Lego Serious Play as Gamification Learning Framework

Vasilis Gkogkidis (University of Sussex) and Nicholas Dacre (University of Southampton; University of Warwick) wrote a research paper about Lego Serious Play and gamification teaching and learning in the most recent SBS Working Paper Series. You may download the full PDF version of the paper via SSRN website here.


This paper conceptualises a Lego Serious Play Wheel framework as a gamification teaching and learning method. It aims to offer a detailed approach from Design and Preparation to Delivery, to engage a broad section of continuing learners and students, which can be easily applied throughout different educational and training contexts. The LSP Wheel refers to the concept of a circular learning journey and draws on a combined autoethnography responsible management research approach. A prominent part of the responsible management literature has hitherto focused on examining whether responsible management modules are inherently considered non-crucial elements of curriculum design. However, there is a paucity of research into applying novel teaching approaches to engage students and promote responsible management education endeavours. This paper therefore contributes to broader pedagogical application and critical responsible management education discourse, by providing educators with an academic gamification framework to support student engagement and co-creation of knowledge, by fostering exploratory learning environments and enriching the practices of active learning communities.

Keywords: Lego Serious Play, LSP, Gamification, Teaching, Learning, Responsible Management, Education, Project Management, LSP Wheel

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