Last week I ran a remote Lego® Serious Play® session at IDEOU with my colleagues to share how the methodology can be used as a Design research technique.
It was an amazing experiment for me running a session like this online and here are some of the learnings:

  • Even in a remote scenario, the methodology is really powerful and you can get a lot of insights and stories.
  • It’s a great way to create empathy within the team due to the personal stories and helps to generate cohesion and a sense of team, even for remotes.
  • I recommend to manage only one team of a maximum of 8 people, otherwise, you have to split the people into teams and then you can not facilitate the conversations. Even if you want to do it in this way, I recommend Zoom as a great videoconference solution.
  • One of the important cons you have managing a remote LSP session is that is very difficult to observe the models online and try to see the details, therefore is very difficult to ask questions to dive deeper in the answers.

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An editor’s note. Remote sessions have been an interesting challenge in LEGO Serious Play workshops. You may want to check one of the earlier posts by Omar Cezar Bermudez who wrote about his virtual LEGO Serious Play sessions that he carried out via Skype. – Marko Rillo


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