Stan Kurkovski has created a set of different instructions, tools and videos to apply LEGO Serious Play methodology to software engineering. Check out his website here.

The videos of LEGO Serious Play methodology with Software Engineering Students

The first video introduces the students to LEGO Serious Play methodology using the basic LEGO Serious Play skills building tools: technical skills, story telling skills and metaphor skills.

Thereafter the next video explains the students on how to use LEGO Serious Play methodology for requirements engineering for the actors:

The third video focuses on eliciting and analysis of user requirements:

The fourth video explains on creating software architecture using LEGO Serious Play methodology:

The fifth and final video explains the use of LEGO Serious Play for software processes:

LEGO Serious Play Application Techniques for Software Engineering

The website that Stan Kurkovsky has created also features a number of LEGO Serious Play application techniques with detailed roadmaps that include material requirements, process suggestions regarding timing:

Underlying to this approach is Stan’s interesting White Paper on “Teaching Software Engineering with LEGO Serious Play” If you are interested in learning more about his approach then go to the site on LEGO Serious Play for Software Engineering


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